2019 StateLine Amateur Tour

Stateline Amateur Tour

The Stateline Amateur Tour (SLAT) provides players with a series of competitions around the Kansas City metropolitan area. There are four divisions for every tournament including the Open division, Players division, Seniors division and Legends division.  Women compete in the Open (gross only), Players or the Legends division based on their age. In order to apply to compete in a SLAT event,  you must register for the Stateline Amateur Tour.

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2019 Schedule (Divisional Order of Play in Parentheses)

April 16        Falcon Ridge Golf Club                Pairings and Results    Certificate Payout

May 28         Nicklaus Club at Lionsgate          Pairings and Results    Certificate Payout

June 11         Sycamore Ridge Golf Club           Pairings and Results    Certificate Payout 

July 18        Ironhorse Golf Club                        Pairings and Results    Certificate Payout 

August 5        Canyon Farms Golf Club             Pairings and Results    Certificate Payout

August 15        Country Club of Loch Lloyd     Pairings and Results    Certificate Payout

September 5    Creekmoor Golf Club               Pairings and Results   Certificate Payout

September 16     Country Club of Leawood    Pairings and Results   Certificate Payout

September 23    Blue Hills Country Club     Pairings and Results  Certificate Payout

September 30   Oakwood Country Club (Legends, Seniors, Open, Players)

October 9   SLAT Championship at The National Golf Club  (Senior, Legends, Open, Players)

TBD    SLAT Cup Matches    at TBD

Membership & Fees

All participants must be a member of the SLAT.
There are no refunds for memberships.
Stateline Amateur Tour membership fee is $50.
The fee for each event is $85.

Entry Procedures

The KCGA will accept entries starting on March 1, 2019 at 10:00 am. No membership fees or tournament entries will be accepted for any reason before this date.  Tournaments are filled in the order which entries are received. Default entry deadline is midnight one week before event (subject to change).

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