Get Golf Fit

Get Golf Fit

We sat down with two local KC golf professionals who also specialize in golf fitness. Both offer unique approaches to getting your game in shape. If you’ve been pondering the idea of putting in some hours at the gym, you should consider a more specialized approach with golf-specific training.

Austin Jarchow, PGA, TPI Golf 2 Expert – Martin City & Lee’s Summit

What is TPI?

Short for Titleist Performance Institute, TPI, is the leading educational organization dedicated to the body’s functionality in terms of how it relates to the golf swing. More specifically, it’s the relationship between how well you move and how efficient you swing a golf club.

What is different about training with TPI compared to other work out programs?

TPI and other fitness programs are designed to help improve the quality of life in terms of a move better feel better perspective. TPI takes this a step further and applies the new movements and flexibility we uncovered through training and then makes our movement more golf swing efficient. We ask questions like, ‘Now that we’re turning better, have a better hip hinge, stronger lower body, back doesn’t hurt, etc. how can we now take these benefits to increase our swing speed and ability to hit the ball more consistently?’

What other benefits can someone expect?

Other benefits can be varied based off an individual’s needs. Weight loss, lower blood pressure, better cholesterol scores, more energy, added strength throughout the body and higher overall quality of life can be expected. As always, you get what you put into the program.

“Specialized golf training is important to allow you specifically to work on what you as an individual need to improve in order to move better and play better golf,” Jarchow said.

Jarchow specializes in TPI training out of the Martin City Golf Center near Leawood, KS and Active Strength Co in Lee’s Summit. During an initial consultation, golfers can expect to gain valuable information about the specifics of their body and how it moves while swinging the club. From there, Jarchow will develop a one-of-a-kind program that is designed specifically for the golfer to improve problem areas. Golfers will be given 17-20 exercises tailored to their needs.

For more information about working with Austin Jarchow, you can visit his website:

Sally Krystyn, LPGA, 200 YTT, TPI Level 3 – Lake Quivira & Overland Park

What makes Yoga for Golf different than other yoga classes?

Yoga for Golf includes more golf specific movements (a lot of stabilizing the hips and adding rotation) and relates movements to different aspects of the swing. Yoga for Golf focuses on stability, flexibility, mobility, balance, strength, and focus. Sometimes we use golf clubs as props and get to do a few swings at the end of class!

Why is Yoga so great for Golfers?

Yoga is great for golfers because there is such a high correlation to what we do in yoga to what we do in golf. There are many similar movements plus it works on breath, focusing of the mind and relaxation. A common problem many golfers suffer from is low back pain. Yoga helps keep the back healthy by strengthening the core and adding flexibility and mobility.

As we age, one of the things we lose the quickest is our balance. I try to incorporate balancing poses in all my yoga for golf classes. Balance is very important in the golf swing. Yoga can not only help us with our game now but it can help us keep playing golf longer. It helps keep the body healthy and moving well so we can enjoy the game for years to come!

What common misconceptions are there about yoga?

The most common misconceptions of yoga are that is just “stretching”. Yoga is so much more than stretching. If you think you won’t get a workout in, you’re wrong. It really depends on the class type you’re doing. Some yoga classes are high intensity and others are deep stretch and most are somewhere in between. Other misconceptions are ‘I am not flexible, so I can’t do yoga.’  The person who thinks that really needs to do yoga, so they can improve their flexibility.

Yoga mirrors many of the same concepts golf demands. Krystyn says, “besides the physical aspect, yoga can help create a sense of calm and peace, bring clarity, and increase mindfulness and awareness,” skills that are vital to any golfer seeking to improve their game.

Krystyn teaches golf and yoga at Lake Quivira Country Club. She also offers classes at EverGlow Yoga Studio, Lifetime Fitness Overland Park,  and private individual or group classes. She can be contacted via email

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