Kansas City Defends Mid America Junior Cup Title

The Ryder Cup style, Mid America Junior Cup was held at Bogey Hills GC in St. Louis as it was the Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association’s turn to host. Eight of the top junior golfers for each team competed in a two day event that consisted of a round of four-ball, foursomes, and eight singles matches.

Kansas City Golf Association retained the Mid America Junior Cup last year after tying with MAGA 4 to 4. A few changes were made to this year’s format that allowed for a total of 16 points to be won in competition as opposed to the usual 8 points allotted.

The roster of MAGA consisted of: Brooke Biermann, Nicole Rallo, Momo Kikuchi, Claire Solovic, Hunter Niles, Kal Kolar, Max Kreikemeier, and Zach Walsh.

The KCGA roster consisted of: Julia Misemer, Lia Johnson, Vera Bohning, Sarah Lawson, Liam Coughlin, Michael Winslow, Joe Bultman, and Justin Wingerter.

Day one of competition began on Saturday, October 20 at 9 AM with a round of four, four-ball matches. MAGA got out to an early lead over the KCGA by winning two matches out right and halving one. The pair of Joe Bultman/Justin Wingerter were the only team to win their four-ball match and pick up a point for the KCGA. The score after the morning round stood in favor of MAGA, 2 1/2 to 1 1/2.

The afternoon session kicked off around 1:30 PM with a round of foursomes or alternate shot. KCGA had a strong showing during the foursomes in which they took 3 out of the 4 points available over MAGA. Julia Misemer/Michael Winslow had a 3 and 1 victory while Lia Johnson/Liam Coughlin took their match 6 and 4. Vera Bohning/Justin Wingerter won a close match over Kikuchi/Kreikemeier 2 and 1. Solovic/Walsh beat Lawson/Bultman 1 up to score a point in the afternoon matches. After day one of competition, the KCGA lead 4 1/2 to 3 1/2.

The final day of competition consisted of eight singles matches where each player competed against a player from the opposing team. Heading into singles, the KCGA was up by one point and need to win at least four points to claim victory. Singles brought lots of tight competition and as match play always does, some excitement.

MAGA took two points quickly on Sunday with a 7 & 6 from Claire Solovic and a 4 & 3 victory from Hunter Niles. KCGA fought back with a 4 & 2 win from Sarah Lawson and a 4 & 3 victory from Justin Wingerter. With four matches remaining, the score stood 6 1/2 to 5 1/2 in favor of KCGA. Lia Johnson would lose to Nicole Rallo of MAGA in a very competitive and close match, 1 up.

KCGA’s Julia Misemer would gain a very important half point against Brooke Biermann after being down four through 7 holes. Michael Winslow took another point in favor of KCGA after beating Kal Kolar 4 & 2. In the final match of the day,¬† Joe Bultman would secure the win for the KCGA with a 4 & 3 win over Max Kreikemeier! The KCGA would take home the Mid America Junior Cup trophy back to Kansas City with a 9 to 7 victory over MAGA.

It was a great showing for both golf associations and all of the talented juniors representing both teams. We are so proud of all the players and thank you to the Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association for hosting a great tournament. The Mid America Junior Cup is back where it belongs!