KC Seniors Schedule, Pairings & Entry

2018 Event Schedule

April 30th – Click here to register!
Lawrence Country Club
Entries Open: March 30th

May 23rd
Staley Farms
Entries Open: April 23

June 26th
Blue Hills Country Club
Entries Open: May 26th

July 10th
Country Club of Loch Lloyd
Entries Open: June 10

August 2nd
Kansas City Country Club
Entries Open: July 2nd

August 9th
Lakewood Oaks
Entries Open: July 9th

August 13th
Country Club of Leawood
Entries Open: July 13th

August 20th
Entries Open: July 20th

August 27th
Shadow Glen
Entries Open: July 27th


September 24th
Canyon Farms

September 27th
Milburn Country Club

Special Event

June 18th
Prairie Dune Country Club
Entries Open: April 15

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