Registration Goes Live at 10:00am February 1st

Sign up for your favorite KCGA events starting at 10:00am February 1st.

Starting at 10:00am tomorrow, all KCGA Regional Championships, Stateline Amateur Tour Events and Stateline Women’s Tour Events will be open for registration. The schedule of events can be found under the Competitions tab on our website or by clicking here…

Click on this link to get to the KCGA registration site: KCGA Registration

Having trouble with the registration process? Here are some FAQ’s:

What are my username and password?

The default setting for your username is your GHIN number and the default setting for your password is your last name (all lower-case). If you changed your username or password and can’t remember your new one you can click on the “recover username and password link” or email Doug at

What if I don’t have a GHIN number?

Your GHIN number is the number that identifies you in the USGA Handicap System. If you don’t have a GHIN number, you can click here to join the eClub of Kansas City or contact your local golf club to sign up for one.

What if I have a GHIN number, but it’s currently inactive or my handicap shows up as NH can I sign up?

Yes you can! Many of our events do have handicap restrictions that you must meet prior to the event date, but you do not have to necessarily meet those requirements to sign up.

What if I’m logged in, but there aren’t any boxes to check next to the events?

If you’re trying to sign up for a Stateline Tour or Stateline Women’s Tour event, it may be because you haven’t signed up for tour membership. In order to sign up for tour events you must first sign up to be a member of the tour. There is a Tour Membership link at the top left corner of the registration page. Click on that, and follow the directions.

Tour Membership






I’m interested in the Stateline Amateur Tour. Which division is for me?

There are four divisions in the Stateline Amateur Tour. Here’s how they break down:

Open Division – Gross competition only, handicap must be 3.0 or less.

Players Division – Gross and Net competition, handicap between 1.0 and 18.2

Senior Division – Gross competition only, handicap must be 18.2 or less, you must be age 50 or more by Oct. 1, 2014.

Legends Division – Gross and Net competition, handicap must be 18.2 or less, you must be age 60 or more by Oct. 1, 2014.

Where are the Junior Tour Events?

We are currently still finalizing the Kansas City Junior Tour schedule. As soon as the schedule is complete it will open for registration.

What if I’ve tried everything and I still can’t sign up?

Email Doug Habel at or call him at 913.649.5242 ext. 3.




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