KC Junior Tour

Kansas City Junior Tour

The Kansas City Junior Tour provides players with a series of competitions around the Kansas City metropolitan area. There are five divisions for every tournament including the boys 16 and up division, girls 16 and up division, boys 13 to 15 division, girls 13 to 15 division and the prep division. The top golfer in every division medals after each event. In order to apply to compete in a KCJT event,  you must register for the Kansas City Junior Tour. Please see this link for detailed instructions.


Membership & Fees

All participants must be a member of the KCJT.
There are no refunds for memberships.
KC Junior Tour membership fee is $40.
The fee for each event is $40.

Entry Procedures

The KCGA will accept entries starting on March 1, 2018 at 10:00 am. No membership fees or tournament entries will be accepted for any reason before this date.  Tournaments are filled in the order which entries are received. Default entry deadline is one week before event at 11:59 PM (subject to change).

Click Here for Detailed Event Information

Final 2017 KCJT Standings

Girls 13-15 …view standings
Girls 16+ …view standings
Boys 13-15 …view standings
Boys 16+ …view standings
Prep Division BOYS…view standings         GIRLS…view standings

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