The Golf Foundation of Kansas City


What is the Golf Foundation of Kansas City?

Founded in 2007, the Golf Foundation of Kansas City was formed as the tax charitable affiliate of the Kansas City Golf Association to be committed to supporting the local Keepers of the Game.  The foundation is governed by volunteers and managed by the Kansas City Golf Association as a non-profit 501 (c) 3 Missouri corporation.

What is the Foundation’s Purpose?

The purpose of the organization is to provide support for golf and non golf related needs to the Keepers of the Game in the Kansas City Golf Community and to grow and sustain the future of the game.

 What are Keepers of the Game?

Keepers of the Game are individuals who professionally or voluntarily promote the game, or work for a golf facility.  Keepers of the Game shall include the golf facilities, which provides programming that promotes the game.

How does the Foundation impact the local golf community?

The Golf Foundation of Kansas City impacts the golf community through;

  • Providing financial support for golf and non golf related needs
  • Promotion of the community’s history and traditions
  • Management of The Watson Challenge
  • Management of Youth on Course in the Kansas City area.

Who are the Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are volunteers serving the foundation by spreading awareness of the foundations purpose and development to ensure the perpetual growth of the foundation.

What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador serves as a team leader to;

  • Promoting and educating the foundation’s purpose to clubs and golfers
  • Recruiting and developing an Ambassador team
  • Groom a team member to be a successor
  • Fundraising

How is the Foundation funded?

The Foundation is funded solely through private and corporate donations, memorials, special events and contributions from the Kansas City Golf Association. For more information on how to contribute to Golf Foundation of Kansas City, please contact KC Golf Offices at 913.649.5242 ext. 1