Raff's Refs

A Kansas City Area Rules of Golf Club

Raff’s Refs meets the first Thursday of each month at O’ Neill’s Restaurant from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  The purpose of this club is two-fold.  Primarily the club is for us “Rules Nerds” who want to get together monthly and discuss the Rules of Golf.  The second purpose is to recruit volunteers as this club will provide guests with an opportunity to learn about the Rules and meet fellow golfers who are passionate about the Rules; plus give back to the game through volunteering.


2015-2016 Dates for Raff’s Refs:

– TUESDAY October 6th

– November 5th

– December 3rd

– January 7th

– February 4th

– March 3rd

Current Documents

Tentative Schedule of Topics

October 6                        Raff’s Refs                     Introduction and Outline

November 5                   Raff’s Refs                     Rules 18 & 19

December 3                    Raff’s Refs                     Rule 20

January 7                         Raff’s Refs                     Rules 27 & 28

February 4                       Raff’s Refs                     Rules 14 & 15

March 3                             Raff’s Refs                     Rule 26, Review

All other Rules are covered in our weekly class on Tuesdays Mornings in the KCGA Office

Frequently Asked Questions

Who leads the discussion?
Each month a Todd and a different volunteer leads the discussion.

Who determines the topic?
KCGA Rules and Competitions Director Todd Stice prepares an annual list of topics.

Does the format vary with each leader?
No, the club is designed for the leader to follow a general format by;

  • Introducing the Rule
  • Reviewing key definitions
  • Breaking down the key principles and concepts
  • Leading discussion on key decisions
  • Testing the group with a customized rules situation

Does the club cost anything?
No, but the club meets over dinner and each person is responsible for their own ticket.

What materials are required?
The following materials are suggested.

  • Rule Book
  • Decision Book
  • The Principles Behind the Rules of Golf
  • The Official’s Notebook

How do I sign-up each month?
This is intended to be informal so there will not be a need to sign-up each month.

Does someone have to be a rules expert to attend?
No.  The purpose of this club is to increase everyone’s rules knowledge regardless of their rules knowledge.

Can I bring a friend?
Yes, guests are encouraged.

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