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Welcome to the Volunteer InfoPortal

If you are a current KCGA volunteer and are looking for tounament official work assignments or course rating information please click the links below.

Interested in becoming a Volunteer?

The KCGA depends on volunteers to help conduct it’s programs and services. Only through the dedicated efforts of volunteers is the KCGA able to accomplish a myriad of activities. These men and women travel all over the community conducting championships; measuring, marking, and rating courses; presenting seminars; and promoting the Association and golf in many other ways. Although these individuals possess a wide range of golf skills and come from a variety of social and business backgrounds, they all have a common denominator they want to give something back to the game that has meant so much in their lives.

A volunteer should

  • Be an active and respected member of a golf course
  • Be able to commit the necessary time and without renumerations
  • Attend seminars and develop the required skills to serve the Association
  • Enjoy working with young people and other adult volunteers
  • Be able to learn efficiently and be open to developing skills in the field

Want to learn more?  Contact Todd Stice, Competitions Manager via email at todd@kcgolf.org.

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