Watson Challenge Press Conference

By Taylor Albritton, KCGA Intern

The 2018 Watson Challenge Press Conference was held this morning at Shadow Glen GC for the one and only Kansas City legend, Tom Watson. Past players and media personnel gathered at the prestigious club to hear Tom Watson discuss his favorite tournament held every year in Kansas City: The Watson Challenge. An esteem panel was invited to sit alongside Mr. Watson and answer questions from the media as well.

Pictured Left to Right: Travis Mays, Dave Resch, Doug Habel, Tom Watson, Robert Russell at the Watson Challenge Press Conference: April 26, 2018

Travis Mays, David Resch, Brigette Chirpich, Robert Russell, and Executive Director Doug Habel surrounded Tom Watson on the press conference panel. Opening remarks and thanks to Mr. Watson were given by each before the media got their turn with the man himself. The first topic of discussion was Mr. Watson’s recent trip to the Master’s which saw him win the Par 3 Championship and witness a Hole-In-One by Jack Nicklaus’s grandson.

One reporter asked if his success at the Par 3 gave Mr. Watson any desire to get back out and compete at the big stage at Augusta National.

“Not one ioata,” Mr Watson replied humbly. “You need a 280 yard carry [off the tee]”, Mr. Watson described what makes you successful at Augusta. “I wasn’t gonna get any longer, only shorter.”

Mr. Watson then went on to describe how he still loves to “throw down” at the Watson Challenge and how his competitive juices still flow til this day.

“I don’t play this golf tournament any different than I played my first golf tournament on the tour. I play this just like a regular tour event. I’m all in,” said Watson.

In his opening comments, Travis Mays described how honored he especially felt to be able to play in the Watson Challenge as many times as he has and how the Watson Challenge is by far the favorite golf event of his and many other amateur players’ seasons.

According to Watson, the objective of the Watson Challenge tournament is to create a competition opportunity for the best golfers in Kansas City. Watson of course hopes to come out on top this year and secure his title as the best golfer in Kansas City. He’ll have some stiff competition in the likes of Chase Hanna, Andy Spencer: defending Watson champion, Dave Resch, Travis Mays and many others.

The Kansas City Golf Association gets just as excited as the players for this event every year, and we hope to see many of our players and fans out there. It’s an event unlike any other and getting a chance to see the great players in Kansas City as well as Mr. Tom Watson in action is something you can’t miss. The 2018 Watson Challenge tournament will be held June 8-10 at Shadow Glen GC.