SMART Golf Goals for The New Year

The weather in Kansas might have you thinking that the golf season is far away, but in reality, it is right around the corner. By setting goals for the new year, you’ll be prepared for the season before you even step onto to the course.

We put together a few golf-related goal ideas for 2019 using the SMART Goal Framework. If you have never heard of the SMART Goal Framework before, you can learn more about it here. Note: This framework can be used for any type of goal setting and might actually change your life.

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Achievable/Attainable

R – Relevant

T – Time Specific

1.    Get Golf Fit

Did you just cringe? We’ve been hearing about the importance about golf fitness for years, resolve to make it a priority for your game in 2019. Join a yoga class at the rec center, commit to walking instead of taking a cart, or decide a personal trainer is a right fit for you.

The Titleist Performance Institute is the leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. Find a professional in your area that can help improve your swing through the strengthening of your body.

Example: In 2019 I will do a yoga class once a week and meet with a TPI Certified Professional twice a month to work on my golf fitness goals.

2.    Play More Golf Tournaments

Do you wish you would have played in more golf tournaments last year? Resolve to play in one, two, or ten this year. Members of the KCGA can play in Kansas Golf Association events, too.

Example: In 2019,  I will play in 5 Stateline Amateur Tour events and play in my club’s Men’s Club Championship.

3.    Lower Your Handicap

If you currently have a handicap you may think that you want to keep it where it is for net scoring purposes. But honestly, what is the fun in never improving? Resolve to make new golf goals with the intention of lowering your handicap this year. One benefit to lowering your handicap is the potential opportunities to compete in the USGA Championship qualifiers in our area.

If you don’t currently have a handicap, maybe your goal for the year can be to get one and maintain entering your scores on a consistent basis. Learn about joining a Kansas Eclub here or call your local club to see if they offer GHIN Handicap Services.

Example: I would like to lower my handicap from a 10.2 to a 9.4 by July 1.

4.    Practice Putting

Whether it’s putting or chipping, we all could use some more short game practice. Pick out a handful of drills you think will help your game. Make a commitment to complete those drills a certain number of times per week. Note: practicing once a week is not enough, you need to put enough time into these drills so that you can reap the rewards.

Example: I will complete The Clock Putting Drill three times each week from March 1-October 31.

5.    Hit More Fairways & Greens

For this example, you’ll need to do some data collection. You first will need to start by collecting your current number of fairways and greens hit per round. A great way to keep track of this information is on an Excel document. Once you have an average made from roughly 5-10 rounds, make your goal measurable. What is the exact number you would like your average to be? 8/14 fairways and 10/18 greens? Remember to keep this number attainable. If you are currently averaging 1/18 greens, a goal of having 18/18 greens in two months is probably not attainable. Be sure to put a time-specific date on when you would like to have the goal achieved by.

Example: My current average is 5/14 fairways and 7/18 greens hit per round. I would like to change my average to 7/14 fairways and 9/18 greens hit by September 1.

Other ideas may include: learning the new rules (or playing by them), playing more rounds of golf, taking lessons, getting new clubs, asking a new friend to join you, or not taking gimme putts.

In addition to creating your goals, remember to create small “enabling goals”. Enabling goals are smaller goals that help you reach your bigger goal. These goals are easier to check off your list and help keep you on track. Remember, goals give you something to work for, they don’t always have to be achieved perfectly for you to see results in your game. Be gentle with yourself and always remember that golf is meant to be fun!

Best of luck in 2019, we can’t wait to see what you achieve this year.